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Pierson Environmental Services does excavating and septic work. Both use the same pieces of heavy equipment. Our excavating services include landscaping work, trenching, digging graves, and basically any other earth moving work requiring large and/or small backhoes and other earth moving equipment. Septic systePierson builds new systemsms are our specialty. We have many years of experience, along with the training and certifications, which uniquely qualify us to do the total septic job, from routine inspections and pumping of tanks, to determining type of system system needed, and design, construction, and maintenance of the system. There are many different types of systems, and the specific system need you have is typically determined by such things as how well the soil drains or "percs," how much space you have, proximity to wells including those of neighbors, and the like. Typically a county inspector/specialist oversees the work, from design through construction, and then oversees functionality as determined by pre-start testing. We have worked with these inspectors for years and know them all, and we work well with them based on a mutual respect. If you think you may need a new septic system, the following basic facts regarding how septic systems function should be helpful for you. We believe a well-informed consumer is better prepared to help determine the appropriate type, and maintain the system, so we Pierson Pumping Servicesinvite your questions before we enter into an agreement to design and build a system for you.


You can prolong the life of your septic system by conserving water and having your tank routinely cleaned by a reputable, experienced contractor. You may wish to understand more about how your septic system functions before learning more about our services. One good source of information can be found on this EPA website. Continue reading here for the basics.



The most important component of your septic system in the septic tank - an underground, waterproof container designed to do several things: